Mrz 212019

My first app is complete!

You can find the story behind that here: Story

What I have done:

  • AWS Rekognition Service for finding text in the image supplied by the client
  • AWS APIGateway as endpoint for the app
  • AWS Lambda to combine APIGateway and Rekognition Service
  • CloudFormation for automatic deployings
  • Ionic Framework for the client app on iOS and Android
  • Swagger to generate an Angular Client

What I learned?

  • AWS is awesome! Because it is very easy to use and to combine AWS services.
  • My lambda function is obsolete, because of using Rekognition Service directly from APIGateway (next app, day-two or app-three)
  • Swagger is awesome too! Generate it from APIGateway, then using it to generate a technical client or server (maybe next times). This time I just focused on the domainmodel.
  • With ionic, Android Version works easier then iOS version. That’s a pity.


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