My second app is ready!

You can find the story behind that here: Story

What I have done:

New in this app:

  • AWS Translate for translate founded text.

And from day one:

  • AWS Rekognition Service for finding text in the image supplied by the client
  • AWS APIGateway as endpoint for the app
  • AWS Lambda to combine APIGateway and Rekognition Service
  • CloudFormation for automatic deployings
  • Ionic Framework for the client app on iOS and Android
  • Swagger to generate an Angular Client

Spending time

One train journey from JavaLand (Phantasialand/Brühl) to Braunschweig with delay.

What I learned?

  • AWS is always awesome! Because it is very easy to use and to combine AWS services.
  • My CORS – Problem isn´t automated, yet. I´ll try on.
  • One train journey is enough time for an App in prototype style, maybe change my story title…


Whole Story

40 Apps in 40 Days – Day two

Thomas Michael

Softwareentwickler aus Leidenschaft.


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