My third app is ready!

You can find the story behind that here: Story

What I have done:

New in this app:

  • Using AWS Polly for sound.
  • Using AWS-SDK locally.
  • Using native Audio from html 5 for playing sound.

I took the “Day2-App” with the same AWS API Gateways and Lambdas and poured in some new features on the client App.

Spending time

While working with Polly I spent much time to find a solution for playing a sound file on the client with the ionic-framework. As the solution should have worked on both Android and iOS, I tried new Plugins (like the native-media or the native-audio-plugin), upgrading and downgrading existing ones but nothing worked out at all.
It could have been so easy as ionic and Cordova support the use of HTML5. As I decided to try that out with a few lines…

let myAudio = new Audio (file);;

Thats all, thats easy, that was not expected!

Second challenge was to convert javascript example into typescript.

Using the example in JavaScript would have cost me an hour. But as I’m more a fan of typescript, so… converting code was the next step. Took like half a day in the end but was worth the work!

What I learned?

  • Keep it simple (stupid) KISS Pattern.
  • Dont ask the framework, what it can do for you, ask yourself if its neccessary. First learn basics, then learn frameworks.
  • Convert javascript into typescript is possible.


Day Three

Whole Story



40 Apps in 40 Day – Day Three

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